hey guys! this is a first for me, a (extremely short) makeup tutorial! this eye makeup will look fab for outings at night/parties/clubbing etc etc hope you enjoyed it :) x


i did something


started at the bottom

still at the bottom

Bye, Tumblr (for now)


now that mother’s day is over, lets bring back the yo mama jokes 


im supposed to be studying right now

arent we all? 

Emily - Love Is Easy- Piano


My cover of Love Is Easy - McFly. Words and music by Thomas Fletcher.

havent recorded myself on the piano for a loooong time so i decided to give it a go~~~~ i apologise in advance for rushing/the wrong notes, i learnt it a few days ago but i promise to practice more (im accompanying a choir in a few weeks time) okay enough talk i hope you’ll enjoy this cover :) x

p.s. you can listen to my other covers (cover, cause its my only one haha) here

edit: please send me a message i want to know what you think bout it :)